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This slutty school teacher is a fave at the boy’s school she works at. If only they knew what a dirty bitch she really is….

Anyone like to see some more of her?

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secret slutty school teacher, if only those boys knew
Looking for stories where the wife starts out reluctantly but ends up being a real bitch and loving the cuckold lifestyle. Circle of cuckolds springs to mind as does some stories by Wayne Rogers. Thank you all very much
Another cuckold story request

White dominant bull here looking for a couple who likes playing or a hubby who fantasizes about his wife being used by another man. Send me a message:

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Looking for a dom guy with a big cock to use your wife?
I have an amazingly beautiful bbw wife that is unfortunately very “wishy washy”, meaning sometimes she wants to cuckold me and other times she doesn’t :-(. We have talked about it for years and I have compromised with her on several issues. My first cuck fantasy was to breed her with a BBC! Well wouldn’t you know she prefers white bulls. My compromise on that was to breed her with a white bull. But alas she only wants my children. So again I compromised. I have tried desperately to get her to understand and get on broad with my cuck fantasy but to no avail. Now she has got on broad but will only do it outside our home. I have a good friend that has already agreed to bull for us. Am I missing something to help her understand these fantasies of mine? She knows I love her and would NEVER force her to do anything. She constantly tells me I more then satisfy her, she has also said we are “too young”(early 30s). I am just looking for any advice from experienced cuck couples on how to take that final step? Is she just bi-polar with this on again off again or I’d this a normal female response? Thoughts??
wishy washy wife

My wife and I have gotten into posting some of our pics online, and it has been so damn HOT to share her pictures with so many guys. Unfortunately, she isn’t near as into it as I am. I stumbled across this site the other day and thought that I would try it out.

Here’s a few random shots of her!

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Few shots of my petite wife….

This is my mates wife. He loves me to expose her. It drives him wild. I think she’s gorgeous

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My mate begs me to expose his wife

Look at my wife posing nude in bed

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my mature wife posing nude in bed
Give me her # and I’ll call her and tell her what id do to her. Pm me for more info
I’ll call your wife