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This slut loves to have a large cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time.

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My Hot Wife
I was down on my luck. I had very little money. My wife had kicked me out of the house, one of the reasons was because of my cuckold fantasies and frequenting the cuckoldfart chat room and trolling on yahoo messenger for men to humiliate and degrade me while showing pictures of my wife to them, and when extra horny, I would show pictures of myself wearing sissy clothes. She found out and that was the end of our relationship…the last straw! I was desperate to find housing, and broke! I foun…
Cucked By Bi Master
Hi All, First one is great; a search brings up others related; enjoy! - Emerald cuckoldcheating-wife &sort=relevance&t=all&count=100&after=t3_2dem7i…
Ouch! Some very hot stuff here I found (various audio)
Little Petey by Hunter Jackson (Cuck, Wife, Humil, Preg) Copyright 2006 Hunter Jackson Family life for the Sanders was somewhat typical. The arrival of Pete Jr. some 18 months earlier had brought Pam and Pete Sr. structure to what had otherwise been the married continuation of their college courting days. Pete Jr. took after his dad, as his name might suggest. He was a toehead boy of slight build. At 5 ft. 8 inches, Pete Sr. certainly wasn’t a bruiser. At 5 ft. 6, Pam could almost…
Little Petey
I see a lot of people calling themselves “cuckods” to find out they only are voyeurs. If you plan something with your wife, then there is no cheating, because it’s planned, you agree with her… where’s the cheat? It’s a self-made situation, all is artificial, there is no thrill at all. This is not cuckolding. No cheating = no cuckold. You are a real cuckold just if your wife DOESN’T KNOW. You agree with a bull, you make him know her and seduce her, and when he ge…
So many “cuckolds” claiming to be cuckolds, but they are not.

Enjoy -

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Domina Jerking her Slave