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Not sure what came over my wife but she’s put me back in my bird cage chastity device. She had me put it on after work last Friday and she indicated that it won’t be coming off until next weekend. I love being told to wear it because she and I both know I’m a chronic masturbator. I went to the gym this morning and had to be careful not to let anyone see me in it when I went to the showers. As it turned out, while checking to see if my shower stall was occupied, someone opened the …
Back in chastity
She is ALL about feminization and lifestyle changes, and is downright spooky…
Wonderful Lady
Hey, so I am 21, there is a girl I love for past 4 years, but she has me friendzoned but she knows I love her. She had 6 boyfriends over these 4 years but I never had a chance, she often tells me how she spent her weekend with him etc.. She told me once that she was ******** with her bf, and then she fell asleep, he had sex with her so he filled her up. Shes on birth control, so they don’t use condoms. Also once at night time (4-5 AM) I went to her house, I knew her parents were away and t…

Show my Wife

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My German Wife

have nice night darling not too late

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now show my new friends what you wore out lastnight
I wish that there were more videos of white sluts being taken by BBC on creaking beds. The whole audio of the rhythmic squeaking is very hot knowing that the black bull is owning his slut.
Bed squeaking while being taken by BBC

Cleavage first
One out
Two outimage.jpg

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What do you think of her tits
I was able to record some conversation between my wife and a prospective new ‘friend’ while he was giving her a massage. However the audio is just poor enough that I can’t make out many of the words being said, and sometimes even entire sentences are not easy to make out. I know that making it all good enough to hear is not likely, but does anyone have tips, tricks, or software advice to clean up the voices on the recording to make them stand out more clearly? Thank you for an…
How to improve a voice recording? Help please anyone?