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Hello guys.

Here I will share her creampie pictures. I will be posting all the best creampies pictures and videos she gets from her boyfriends here so we can enjoy them. It took some time to convince my wife that I wanted to share, and let other men use her body for their pleasure. Her strict conditions were that she would not let other men use her unless it was without condoms and she could collect as much sperm inside her pussy as possible. She also stipulated that I am to unload in her last so I can feel all the cum over my penis and know other men have used her before me. So far in the last month she has had 29 creampies from different men other than me…..enjoy

image-2.jpg image-3.jpg image.jpg

Video of a creampie from one of her boyfriends using her while I was away.
My filipina wife’s creampie pictures
She is in need of a nice bull to fulfill her desires…..and mine. She enjoys being submissive.
Michigan Slutwife

I know you cant see much :( but what do you guys think? :)

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My Shy Wife
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thatcrazyfeeling said: Sweet pics. Love your blog.

Thank you!

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