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Some members like series, others do not. Series are different than regular captions. A series tells a short story, in part with pictures, in part with words. Some individual captions in a series may stand alone, while others would be meaningless unless viewed as a part of a whole. I’ve decided to consolidate my future ‘series’ here. Feel free to add your own ‘series’ to this open thread.
Caption Series Collection - open thread

Meet her boyfriend on net. He share her some pics for me.

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A french whore.
I had a bunch of “naughty pics I was going to post in the couples folder but after a few weeks time it just kept growing and growing……………… and my public flasher folder has always been a mess……… so I took both sets of pics put them in this folder… right now if I post the same as beach/kissing every sat got enough to go over a month!………………… then changed the public flashing folder to regular hardcore…. works out pretty well for me anyway… actually now I po…
Just Out and About (naughty in public)
My Mistress and i are searching for a new chastity device, we had some problems with the CB6000S We will probably go for the Jailbird from Mature Metal. This can be ordered to come prepared for the Dreamlover 2000 elctroshock device; essentially it is a remote controlled shock device so that Mistress will be able to deliver electrical shocks to my penis just by pushing the button on a small remote control. i think it will be a wonderful way for Mistress to get full control over me. Does anybo…
Anybody has experience with the Jailbird and Dreamlover 2000 combo?
Please, fake, undress and caption theese wonderful horny milfs
MILF for fakes and captions

It’d be hot to know if anyone who knows her in real life has seen her here!  Email me if you know her!   :)

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Wife Rachel 2013 Naked Pics 372.jpg

Wife Rachel 2013 Naked Pics 239.jpg

Wife Rachel 2013 Naked Pics 248.jpg

Anyone know this Atlanta MILF?











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my unaware uk wife for u to look at and comment on, love to expose her on yim to uk bulls so message me ure yim addy if interested.

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my unaware UK wife
Bonsoir, couple candaulitse recherche H dominateur métisse et musclé entre 25 et 35. Ma femme cherche un homme grand 1M85 minimum classe propre et dominateur. Disponible pouvons recevoir a l’hotel la nuit du 13 sur Paris. Couple choc et branché attendons idem de l’amant. Pour plus d’information me contacter (moi le cocu) en privé.
couple candauliste sur Paris le week end du 13 et 14 septembre