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My wife and I are considering having her flirt a bit with any interesting guys who might approach her as she has a beverage alone at a bar. I will be nearby to enjoy their interaction, but for now we are not planning to go further than some flirting, dancing, light touching, kissing, … not sex yet… but we have questions as we move toward this. What kinds of rules do others use for this activity to make sure both of us remain comfortable with it? “No Brainer” rules? Rules we m…
Beginner Questions/ Help Appreciated Wife new to flirting with others
We are located in Southern California. Wife is 48, petite blonde professional woman. Have been unable to have sex with her for years due to ED and premature ejaculation. Wife is attracted to masculine, dark skinned men who are strong and passionate. I prefer to be submissive and crossdress, which she has no interest in supporting. Contact me on Yahoo ID sweatonmywife
Curious about live-in boyfriend for wife

Does your wife wear stockings to work like my dirty slut?


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Wives who wear stockings to work…

anyone interested?  prefer larger than 8 inches.  thanks.

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need to find a bull for my wife
I married my high school sweetheart and moved to the big city three years ago. Pam has grown more beautiful each year. We met in the pre-schooler’s Sunday school and married in that same church fourteen years later. I learned a good trade in the heating and air business. I landed a great job with a company that stays busy and pays well. After a year with AAA Heating and Air, Pam and I decided to start a family. Unlike many of our peers, we remained virgins until our wedding night. That firs…
Anogther Oldie…….Good Sport
this is the whore i call a wife:
Hi, I’m Al. I began to realize my cuckold desires many years ago during the time I was married to my first wife. I will fill you in briefly on the chain of events that took place over the years of the marriage that made me realize my cuckold desires. I was in the navy and getting ready to go overseas on an extended cruise when I ran into an old friend, Larry. I had not seen Larry since shortly after my *** was born three years prior. Accordingly, we had some catching up to do. We were at …
Wife Gets Pregnant

My ex and I had been living in some apartments in Centerpoint for a little while and made a lot of friends. There were lots of people there our age so we had no problem meeting the neighbors and becoming friends. Our closest friends were the black couple that lived directly above us, Terrence and Sherry. They were really friendly and great to hang out with. They didn’t mind us having parties and we often got together with them to have drinks or just cook out and drink. Sherry worked as a telemarketer and a small-time model and Terrence worked at a local welding shop. 

Lisa and I often discussed how attractive they were and I hinted around about hot it would be to watch Lisa having sex with Terrence. I would play with her pussy and take her right to the edge of orgasm while describing how sexy she would be with his cock sliding in and out of her white pussy. Just as she started cumming I would ask her if she wanted to feel his big black cock inside her. After a while she finally admitted it and screamed out “YES!!!!!” as she had a tremendous screaming orgasm. Numerous times I would have her call out his name and imagine it was him as I fucked her. She grew more and more accustomed to the idea of having a black man fuck her.

After a few months of preparing Lisa to fuck a black man I found myself sitting in my living room alone with Terrence drinking beer and watching football. We were discussing the girls and I mentioned that I’d love to watch him fuck my wife. He then confessed that he’s overheard Lisa yelling his name several times as she came and he would definitely love to make that happen. He even said that Sherry had heard it and they would love to maybe swap with each other. So we started to come up with a plan.

That night (Saturday) Lisa and I invited them down for dinner and drinks. We had a great dinner and just had a good time hanging out. Afterwards we smoked a little weed to help everyone relax and talked the girls into playing cards. We started playing poker but Terrence and I made sure we lost a lot. This gave the girls confidence that they could beat us so we talked them into upping the game to strip poker. They finally agreed and so the fun began.

We were all sitting around the coffee table with Terrence and I both sitting on the floor across from the girls who were on the couch. The way we were playing was that the person with the lowest hand had to remove one article of clothing and they had to do it in front of the others. Terrence and I made sure we lost the first few hands until we both were down to our shorts and underwear and the girls were still fully dressed. Lisa and Sherry thought they were unbeatable so they started talking smack about how the guys were going to be cleaning house naked or that we would have to dance naked for them. Then the real fun began.

The position the girls were sitting in they couldn’t see that Terrence and I had been passing cards back and forth all night to make sure one of us had the losing hand. We looked at each other and decided it was time for us to win some. The girls were surprised when Terrence or I won hand after hand and their clothes started ending up in the floor. The first one to lose their top was my wife Lisa. Sitting on the couch she was in full view of us so she turned shy since this would be the first time showing her body off to our friends. She did take the top off but covered up with a pillow from the couch. We cried foul since Terrence and I hadn’t been trying to cover up. I eventually looked Lisa in the eyes and grabbed the pillow and slid it from her grip revealing her C-cup tits to the neighbors for the first time.

Since I didn’t really allow Lisa to wear bras anymore (to keep her tits readily accessible to me) my wife’s tits were in full view so she just accepted it and we continued on with the game. The next hand turned was lost by Sherry who removed her top to reveal a beautiful set of large B-cup breasts wrapped in a sexy lacy red bra. The next hand added her bra to the pile so now all four of us were sitting topless and admiring each other.

We asked the girls to fix us another round of drinks while we set the cards back up and reshuffled them to get ready for the next round. That’s when Terrence and I started slipping good cards out of the deck and hiding them under our legs to use later. The girls were getting comfortable with being topless so everyone was in better spirits for the next round. We dealt the cards and with he and I passing cards back and forth under the table the next loss went to Lisa. She looked at me with a look of concern in her eyes but instead of giving her a way out, I ordered her to stand up and slowly remove her jeans while bending over at the waist with her back to us. This gave us a great view when her beautiful ass came into view to us. She slipped them down and off leaving her in nothing but her tiny thong panties which failed to hide the fact that she pussy was shaved bare. I had her spin around and give us all a really good show then she sat back down.

Next up was Sherry’s turn to lose. She basically did the same thing Lisa did and gave us a hot striptease as she stripped down to her tiny red thong. The next two rounds had Terrence and I in nothing but our boxers/briefs so we were all evenly clothed. Now it was time to take the final piece of clothing from the girls. One by one they lost the next two rounds and both shyly slipping their thongs off and trying to remain covered. So when both girls we naked, Terrence and I both still covered by boxers, the girls were puzzled when we wanted to keep playing. They asked what they were going to bet now since they were both completely naked. We told them that we could play the last hand as boys against girls and that the losers had to do whatever the winners commanded for the rest of the night. Since we were all feeling good and getting turned on they agreed.

The cards were dealt and Terrence slipped an ace from his stash and I pulled two kings without anyone seeing. That was it. The girls both came in last place. They couldn’t believe they had lost it all. Being good sports though, the girls asked what they wanted us to do. We told them to both stand up side by side and hug and kiss while Terrence and I watched. They protested since neither one had ever touched another woman so we gave them an out. Do this and that all they had to do with each other. They did put on a bit of a show of it for us. It was so hot watching their contrasting skin colors meshed together as their hard nipples brushed each other as their lips touched those of another woman for the first time in their lives. It only lasted for a few seconds but it put memories in our minds that will last a lifetime.

After the girls kissed they sat back down and asked for the next task. I decided in my mind that it was time for what I had been waiting for. I had Lisa stand up and walk over and stand next to me. Terrence was sitting in the floor in front of us leaning with his back against the couch. I looked at Lisa and told her to get on the floor and remove Terrence’s underwear. She didn’t hesitate. My white wife knelt down over him and slowly slid his underwear down until his hard cock plopped down into view. By this time I was sitting on the couch with Sherry sitting cuddled up beside me watching my wife undress my dark skinned friend and neighbor. When Lisa slipped his underwear completely from his body, Lisa turned her head and looked at me asking “What now?” I looked her in the eyes and said “Suck his cock”. Without further prodding my sexy little white wife raised her hand to his crotch and wrapped her fingers around the very first black cock of her life.

Nothing in the world is hotter than to see my formerly racist white wife lower her face down, open her beautiful red lips, and take a hard 10” dark black cock into her warm mouth for the first time in her life. Lisa can give an excellent blowjob so it was only seconds before she was sliding the entire 10” cock deep into her throat which made Terrence arch his back and grab my wife’s head to guide her up and down. With moans of ecstasy coming from her boyfriend, Sherry didn’t need any instruction. She leaned down and removed my rock hard cock from my boxers and slid her beautiful black lips around the first white cock in her life. Terrence and I were giving each other thumbs up and mentally giving each other the ok to continue on. I pulled Sherry up until she was straddling my lap and my hard cock was brushing the lips of her dripping wet pussy. I looked down and saw both Terrence and Lisa watching as Sherry lowered her pussy down and engulf my cock. That was all the permission Lisa needed.

My wife stood up and straddled Terrence’s dark black body as he lay there naked in the floor of my living room. I watched as she lowered herself down and took his hard black cock completely in her pussy in one fluid motion. Lisa moaned out loud as she was instantly filled with the cock of the man she had been fantasizing about for months. We didn’t need any further help from each other and we ravished each other’s partners for the next few hours. We even took a few breaks for dinks and to cuddle up with each other’s girl and take in the sexiness of the whole scene.

Eventually the time had come to part company for the night and Terrence and Sherry slipped their clothes back on and slipped quietly back upstairs to their apartment. It wasn’t long before Lisa and I could hear sounds of sex drifting down from upstairs as we were doing the same thing below them. It was almost like we were trying to out-do the other as the moans turned into loud orgasms and almost to the point of screams. Finally both couples were sated and moans tuned to quiet whispers and then to quiet as we all drifted off to sleep for the night…

We stayed close friends with each other the entire time we lived there and enjoyed several more adventures with each other….

My ex wife Lisa’s First Strip Poker

A question for couples, women and bi men out there, do you bareback or use condoms. Personally we don’t so Cucky can eat my bull’s cum from my pussy or panties as well as take it bareback in his ass from other men. What does everyone else do?

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Bareback or Condoms???